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We believe in a financial system that promotes equality and inclusion for everyone

Sofia Bitcoin Cash Meetup

Behind every powerful community there is a commitment to achieve a common goal. Our goal is to create an educated, active community that uses cryptocurrencies, thereby creating a world with financial autonomy, equality and decisions in the hands of people.

Our community is open. We embrace diversity and inclusion. Join us and have fun! At our meetings you will learn more about the blockchain revolution. You will meet new people to share knowledge with.

You are invited:

Pub Meetup

We know a great cause needs a great party!

We organize pub meetups to help everyone interested try the technology and pay with Bitcoin Cash. At those meetups you can learn about the crypto world and get a free drink. The pub meet ups are places to meet crypto enthusiasts, network and have fun. Come to our informal meetups and find new friends and opportunities.

You are invited:
Upcoming events

You are invited!

Crypto Oktoberfest

01.10.2020 Sofia, 24 Vrabcha str.,
Vitamin B Bar

You are invited!

Crypto Week in Street Waffles

12-18.10.2020 Sofia, 33 Alabin str.,
Street Waffles

Upcoming events